Lost All Data in My Phone's sdcard

Android L Developer Preview just got released after Google I/O 2014. I’m personally using Nexus 5 and I have some free time to spare, so I thought why not give Android L a try?

I have to make a backup of my current phone so I can restore my phone to previous state as installing Android L on my phone will wipe all data. Making a nandroid backup using TWRP is relatively easy, I actually had more trouble transferring the backup files back into my phone when I was attempting to restore my phone.

Android L looks good even in its unfinished state. I wonder what will be the codename be for next Android version? Lollipop is a good guess, maybe?

After I’ve returned my phone back to its original state, only then I realized that my pictures and music are all gone. Nandroid backup doesn’t include sdcard content, do they? I’ve learned this the hard way and I’ve got no choice but to leave everything behind.

Other than sdcard data, my apps and system settings are all back to what it was like. I guess failing is kind of inevitable unless you’re lucky. Well, I’m not saying failing is bad, it’s one way to become more knowledgeable. I’m still quite lucky to not have accidentally bricked my phone.