Problem That I Had With Windows 8

Update: Graphics card’s memory clock speed stuck issue wasn’t related. It was probably due to driver compatibility.

The first time I upgraded to Windows 8, it was okay up until I’m having problem with:

Failed To Read Description. Error Code 2 in services.msc Unable to access network adapter’s properties Unable to launch Photoshop 64 bit (32 bit works fine) Graphics card’s memory clock stuck at 150 MHz The most frustrating problem was my graphics card’s memory clock being stucked at 150 MHz which resulting in a massive graphics performance drop. I’ve been searching around the Internet with 4 of the problems listed above and finally found one solution based on the problem #1.

Turns out it was AMD Cleanup Utility that’s causing all these problems. No idea how and why but it did. The solution was found on in a post by Kapil who is really active in helping people to troubleshoot problems with Windows.

Really glad that the problem is now solved and restored my trust on Windows 8.

With that said, I’m not 100% happy with Windows 8 mainly because many old games are not fully supported.